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How I Got Here

My story started in my childhood when I was very interested in Architecture. I remember using woodblocks and books to build buildings, houses, and malls. Experimenting with forms, colors, textures, and lights. Architecture is my passion, and in a way, I had the born skills to do it; like for example seeing things with more detail, or from a different perspective. Architecture is an art, as well as a discipline that helps to transform ideas into something real. Architecture for Kids started a journey of writing and more books about Architecture. Architecture for Kids 2 is just another chapter in the Architecture For Kids series.  

Dr. H (Horacio Sanchez) is an architect with over twenty years of experience in international projects. At the age of five, he was convinced that architecture was his passion and the career that he wanted to follow. Dr. H likes to share his experience and expertise by mentoring and coaching colleagues and students encouraging them to show a huge passion for what they do and for what they want to accomplish. Thinking like a designer helps to build the skill to see things in a different way. It is not what you see, is what others do not see.

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