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Opening the eyes of Children to the Wonders of Architecture

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Architecture for Kids I

July 2017

ARCHITECTURE for Kids is a book dedicated to children interested in architecture or design. It provides a visual learning style that helps children to develop creative thinking and design thinking skills.


In this book, the author will show you how architects develop ideas from single forms like squares, rectangles, circles, or even triangles--geometric forms that kids study in school and that can identify in places that kids visit in their daily life or at home. Kids will also see how color, textures, and light play with the other elements create buildings, public spaces, parks or plazas, and cities or landscape.

Architecture for Kids II

December 2019

Architecture for Kids 2 is a book that shows an evolution in form and content. In Architecture for Kids 1, I used pictures instead of words to make learning easy and to help you exercise your brain's ability to remember things.

Architecture for Kids 2 was designed around the idea of design thinking. As explained in Architecture for Kids 1, design thinking helps architects to design with empathy -- that is, to find out how the design is to be used. If you have empathy with another person that means you can think the same way they do. It is empathy that helps architects understand what their clients need, and to remember that every part of a project has an impact on someone.

Architecture for Kids 3 - Color in Architecture

January 2021

Color in Architecture is used to embellish, decorate, separate, and define spaces, and to transmit and generate different sensations. The selection and effect of color in architecture is based on aesthetics (the nature of beauty and taste), social, and cultural factors. In this book, color is analyzed through a visual learning style that will help you to understand the impact and effect of color in architecture and people's emotions.

Architecture for Kids 4
Today We Present Series


Architecture for Kids 4 - Today We Present Series is a book about architectural elements, construction hand tools, heavy equipment, and construction professionals. Are you interested to learn about doors, windows, or chimneys? or what is a Hammer and when was it first used? Are you interested to know what an electrician does? You are going to find out about that and more in this amazing book!

A fun and visual way that I am sure you are going to enjoy.

This book is for you, a future architect, or a designer. If you decide to follow the architecture path, I can guarantee you that it will be a fantastic journey!

Coming Soon
Abstract Architecture

“The mother art is architecture. Without architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization”

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Chicago Seven - Architecture
Ricardo Legorreta - Architect
Chicago School - Architecture
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Architect
Philip Johnson - Architect
Walter Gropius - Architect
Louis Kahn - Architect
Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect


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